Lions in Belgium

MD112 Country Map district 112B district 112C district 112D district 112A

Lions Clubs International is active in Belgium since 1952.

The first Belgian Club (Bruxelles-Centre) was born in 1952 and until 1991 the existing clubs were organised in "mono-district" manner.

All Belgian Lions Clubs reported to District 112 Belgium, under the direction of a once a year renuwed governor.

From 1991 onwards the growing number of Clubs imposed a multiple-district organisation and the Belgian clubs were assembled into 4 Districts (A, B, C and D), each directed by one yearly elected governor, the whole coordinated by one Council Chairperson also elected every year among the past district-governors.

Since that date we have:

  • District 112A covering both East and West Flanders
  • District 112B covering the provinces Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant.
  • District 112C covering Brussels DC, French Brabant, and 5 Clubs of area Halle - Vilvoorde.
  • District 112D covering provinces Liege, Namur, Hainaut and Luxembourg.


The Multiple District 112 Belgium (MD-112 ), the coordinating organ of the 4 Districts, is directed by the 4 District Governors under presidency of a Council Chairman, assisted by a Secretary General, a joint Secretary General and a Treasurer General.

The Governors Council meets 11 times a year and decides with unanimity on matters concerning the National Commissions and other matters concerning the 4 Districts.

The visitor will find some more information concerning the Club activities, their location and the works of some of our National Commissions on this public part of the National Website.

The Council of Governors 2018 - 2019